More farm, less art.

In college I made art about my childhood, my upbringing and everything that I thought had some merrit. But once college was over, and i’ve made art about sleeping with women  all the important themes in my life, there was a blank space where ideas used to be. I was bored. I hated myself. I wanted out of the consumerist world and get my hands dirty. That was last May. This is this May. Things haven’t changed. I’m still bored. I’m not content with myself as an artist and feel I’m wasting myself to my self loathing. While I am out trying to change everything about myself I’m wasting the person I’ve become. I’ve had some adventures. I live in a trailer in Arizona with Erik. Its complicated. Erik not the trailer. The trailer doesn’t even have running water. The farm I work on is great. They have four dogs and thats pretty much all this girl wants. Dogs, organic food, good people. Some photos following this of some random life shots. This is my account of myself and the happenings around these parts. Enjoy. And if you don’t, then don’t read and go over to live journal and complain about it. Is live journal still around? Its for pussies and teenagers. 




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