May. A new month a new outlook. Must work hard on my what’s at hand. Pull weeds. Enjoy the sun. Im sunburned as all hell. painfully so. 

Here are three out of five dogs at the farm. From Left to right: Perry, Loui and Arlen. 


This is Nancy-the pregnant goat. She’s kind of a bitch.


This week we had to use three cases of fresh picked cucumbers. We made cucumber soup, bread and butter pickles, dill pickles, refrigerator pickles, sushi, and this delicious cucumber slushie. Its about three cucumbers, a couple tablespoons lime juice, a little fresh ginger and ice. Really refreshing.


And the best for last, Kate and Mike bought us a Keg to save all the glass we wrack up from beer bottles. Its a local porter and it is soooo smooth. Im in heaven. 

Basically. Keep my head down, work and try to enjoy myself without falling apart too much. Time passes, things get better. My IPhone broke. what the fuck. now i can’t listen to music while i work. thats a big deal. This weekend im applying to hatch show press for their internship in two months. cross your fingers universe. 

There is a fire going on out back. Porter and fire. lovely weather for beer in Arizona. 

I miss you. 


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