Late May

     Have you ever heard the call a peacock makes? Sounds like a distressed cat. One peacock starts and then the others chime in and they all make the same sad cat sounds together like a creepy ceremony. There are four wild peacocks that wander around the property in Chino Valley, Arizona. When I think of peacocks I do not think of the desert do you? Its just weird. So here I am its late May in Arizona and its so hot I sweat just sitting here in my beat up trailer. Yes…I live in a trailer. And its a mess. Popcorn and beading supplies and books everywhere. Tarot cards laying all over the bed for pa rousing my future endeavors for caution. Jesus candles half burned down on tables and on counters. Incense ashes blow through the mesh open windows and my legs slide off on another from sweat. Ever notice you feel more fat in the summer? There is no hiding your body under a sweater or pants and you retain water and puff up like a sausage. I hate the hot weather and I moved to Arizona. Wonderful. 

     Its too hot to work today so we all sit inside and try not to breathe too much so we wont add to the heat. Kim and I gave the dogs a bath and I felt like a kid for a moment. Closing my eyes and tensing up when perry the pit bull lab mix shakes the water off his body all over mine. I continue the child-like state and go eat a big bowl of ice cream. Coffee. Think about my grandfather as I eat it on the hammock outside. 98  years old  and my grandfather is a rock to my family still. Loves to drink like a fish, Jack Daniels everyday. Fills the short on the rocks glass to the brim, sips on it a little and drops two ice cubes in. Sits in his recliner and reads the paper. Loves coffee ice cream and chews it like popcorn. I love that man and think about mortality and the human condition of love and death and how I wish I could love death and openly accept my own mortality and celebrate it. Life is short. Drink Jack Daniels, eat ice cream for lunch and sleep on a hammock smelling like a wet dog all afternoon. 

     It is so hot, my brain likes to take a walk while my body sits in place on the hammock. Today is is late May, and my inner child came out to play while peacocks cast spells and have satanic ceremonies in the field.  




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