Just before work. Back of a paper bag.

So go to bed and set those dreams on fire. To wake up every minute you cross every mile and mourn the coast to coast cost of caving in and telling a truth so bold. Go to bed and wake to the cracks the sun soaks through and wakes your bones to find you in a new day a new way to tell yourself it’s all anew. It’s all for you. From up above your sun glasses your glass gaze glazes me like a painted portrait of a pitch perfect happiness. To lean towards the sun to kiss the radiant fire just barely touching the lips of the sun. You know this moment. The big bang when your life was brought forth into existence.


One thought on “Just before work. Back of a paper bag.

  1. I’m stuck in solitude and sadness
    secluding myself in my mind until
    none even see my physical being
    For whatever reason I race these mountain
    railways till they run me dry, dragging
    my slipped limbs by steel and squeal
    relinquished in a random moment
    of enbrightened-lit walk-ways in rain
    in the dark, shuttering at my height
    a passing freight wipes away the light
    I’m hiding in the soft echo of the piano
    in my mind, (the one) that first stirred lonely
    in my 10 year old soul, my aunts
    un-played, un-tuned echoing loom
    white noise, slight light louder listen

    trying to fight for who knows the night

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