Back in old places old faces to see

My computer has been acting funny for months so the only posts I make are on my phone which can be tedious and annoying. I’ve been doing a lot of farming and a little bit of art. A little bit of writing. Here are some shots of the farm and a poem i wrote with a lot of farm imagery. Hopefully I’ll post something longer soon. So many photos. So much writing. So much farming…

Harrow the Heart.

The heat lightning in the darkest part of the night broke the fever clouding my mind. The heavy rain in the early afternoon broke the humidity and a cool early fall breeze brought the news that love was possible once more. My heart bled and my body ached with the knowledge that love is short and always fleeting.
The big clouds rolled in and hid the sun so I could rest my eyes in the field. The dirt clung to my wet body and whispered to me to eat flesh and be born again. Wide eyed I stare down rows of secrets from my hands and seeds of sorrow did germinate and grow a life unplanned and unrestricted. What curious lives we have led that burn up in the wake of the storm and you wake up in the night to the blue dark and another naked body laying next to you.
The days pass and and I do not want for money nor power nor fame but rest muscle and peace.
The ice always melts in my glass too fast and I’m left with the warmth of the sun on my tongue. I don’t mind. Not anymore I can’t afford to be stricken with grief bad thoughts and a weary mind. It does not make the seeds sow it makes the wind in your soul blow much too hard and rip from your mental ground any chance of growth.
I used to grow dandelions in my mind but lately it’s the loss that has me harrow my heart and regrow something of worth inside my soul.









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